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“Vronskiy, Vronskаya and Partners” law firm provides complex legal aid and can protect interests of clients - both creditors and debtors, at all stages of bankruptcy (settlement, readjustment and closing down of business), and also at the stage of conclusion of the agreement of lawsuit.

“Vronskiy, Vronskаya and Partners” law firm provides legal aid on following issues:

- Submission of a nominee of trustee in bankruptcy (the manager of the property operating rehabilitation, the liquidator), including for the state enterprises, support of procedure of the approval of a nominee of trustee in bankruptcy by the Department on bankruptcy of the Ministry of Economics of Ukraine;

- Representation of interests of the initiating creditor in case of initiation of proceedings on the bankruptcy of the enterprise-debtor and at all bankruptcy judicial procedure;

- Representation of interests of competitive creditors in case of judicial procedure of bankruptcy of the enterprise-debtor, including at meetings of creditors and/or sessions of committee of creditors, in course judicial procedures of bankruptcy;

- Representation of interests of creditors concerning the organization and carrying out of the system of actions for supervision and control over management and the disposal of property of the debtor with the aim to ensure the keeping and an effective utilization of property assets of the debtor;

- Representation of interests of debtors, owners of property (the bodies authorized to administer property) of the debtor, founders (participants) of the debtor-the legal person, in case of carrying out of judicial procedures of bankruptcy;

- Support of the procedure of readjustment of the enterprise-debtor, working out and coordination of the plan of readjustment, working out and coordination of conditions of participation in readjustment of the investor, realization of organizational & economic, financial & economic, legal, technical measures for reorganization of the enterprise-debtor;

- Organization of carrying out and realization of sale of property of the debtor, support of procedure of liquidation of the enterprise-debtor;

-Preparation and control over implementation of the agreement of lawsuit;

- Support of judicial procedures of bankruptcy of the absent debtor and procedure of bankruptcy of the enterprise at the initiative of the proprietor.

The qualified experts of our Firm, who followed the courses at the Institute of development of arbitration management and received licenses of trustees in bankruptcy, can provide services of trustees, operating sanitation and liquidators.

The firm also provides services of carrying out of examination of a financial position of the enterprise, an evaluation of property of the debtor, including integral property complexes, and also inventories at sale of property of the bankrupt at the open auctions, etc.

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