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“Vronskiy, Vronskaya and Partners” law firm promotes creation of programs of free of charge legal services rendering (Pro Bonо).

The Pro Bonо is a professional legal aid to charitable, public and other noncommercial organizations, and also to natural person who is not able to pay for legal services.

Pro Bonо Legal Aid can be provided in the various fields of law, including civil law, the economic law, the family law, etc.

 A non-governmental organization “Zvirynetsky pagorby”

In 2009 the Legal firm “Vronsky, Vronska and partners” provided service pro bonо to the non-governmental organization “Zvirynetsky pagorby”. Lawyers of the Firm represented interests of this organization in several law proceedings, which subject was the appeal of decisions of the Kyiv Rada on allocation for building of 12 ground areas in the territory closely located near domestic houses and being non-shear-resisting and located in a zone of a protected natural landscape and protection of monuments of history and culture of Kiev (the territory of the Vydubetsky monastery is included into this list).

Lawyers of the Firm provided to this organization advices on the current legislation, including on the land-laws, and carried out representation of interests of this organism before the Economic court of the city of Kiev and the Kiev appeal economic court.

The legal firm “Vronsky, Vronska and partners” provides Pro Bonо legal services to the charitable fund “New traditions”.

The charitable fund “New traditions” is a non-profit charitable organization, which supports various cultural, social, medical and educational projects.

The fund activity is aimed at preservation of centuries-old traditions: mutual respect and mutual aid among Ukrainians, at formation of new culture and new traditions in a modern Ukrainian society.

The charitable fund “New traditions” is the organizer of the project “Zarobitchany” and the general sponsor of a film festival ”Molidist'”.

The goal of the project “Zarobitchany” is, first of all, provision of assistance to citizens of Ukraine, which have gone abroad in search of work and also to citizens of Ukraine who have returned from abroad and to those who need psychological, information and legal support.

A film festival “Molidist'” is an annual holiday of a world scale collecting professionals and beginning cinematographers not only to define the best player in this field, but also to unite masters in a big creative laboratory of a film festival. Modern Ukrainian cinema is an important direction in development of the Ukrainian cultural heritage.

“Vronskiy, Vronskaya and Partners” law firm provides the charitable fund “New traditions” with advices concerning the current legislation, including concerning a procedure of charities, working out, preparation and implementation of charitable projects, the taxation of activity of charitable fund, etc.

Our firm, realizing its civil responsibility and for the purpose of improvement of ethical standards of profession renders to the charitable organizations the services Pro Bonо, considering such affairs with the same responsibility, as commercial projects.

 If you are charitable, public or other nonprofit institution and you need the legal assistance, you can contact us via tel. number: (044) 569-03-05 or send an application e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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